Casa Art Collection was founded by the Dutch Gold and Silversmith and Graphic designer and entrepreneur Karin Ellermann.

Casa Art Collection wants to let you enjoy contemporary art with Caribbean atmospheres reflected in the contemporary design of your home and / or work environment. In the first series I was inspired by the flora and fauna of our beautiful island of Curaçao in the Caribbean.

With this unique art, you can dream away to Caribbean atmospheres at any time. For example, the “Explore the Caribbean” collection lets you enjoy the many iguanas that you encounter in the gardens and the beautiful flamingos that can be found undisturbed on the salt pans, which means that the warm tropical holiday feeling is relived time and again.

I get the inspiration for this art close to home. Take the Caribbean – Stone Fruit collection, for example, these are coconuts from the coconut tree in my backyard on Curaçao and which have been transformed into a true work of art by means of various graphic design techniques.

Casa Art Collection only works with the highest quality, because of this I have explicitly opted for high end “Fine Art” paper of 310 grams where the natural reproduction of colors in this artwork from Casa Art Collection are fully appreciated and the whole gets a look who deserves it.

Casa Art Collection is an initiative of Karin Ellermann who, as owner, director and graphic designer, works in the Netherlands, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean with her advertising agency FROG media design.

In her work she is known for her creativity and eye for detail and likes to think along with her clients about the right design and marketing proposition. With Casa Art Collection her passions such as art, design and creative come together as a beautiful mix.


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